STklos Extensions

Howto install an extension

To install an extension, just type

$ stklos-install package-name

This command will

  • download package-name from STklos repository.
  • configure and compile the extension
  • install the extension in the user home directory (in ~/.stklos/ext) or system wide (if the command is run by the super-user).

For more informations on the command stklos-install, enter:

$ stklos-install --help

Available extensions

For now, the only extension packages available are:

imappermits to access easily an IMAP server0.50
sslextends standards sockets to allow SSL connection0.50
posixprovides access to POSIX services0.60html pdf
fusepermits the implementation of file systems (Linux only)0.50html pdf
htmlpragfor pragmatically work with HTML files0.50html pdf
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