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STklos is a free Scheme system compliant with the languages features defined in R5RS. The aim of this implementation is to be fast as well as light. The implementation is based on an ad-hoc Virtual Machine. STklos can also be compiled as a library and embedded in an application.

The salient points of STklos are:

  • an efficient and powerful object system based on CLOS providing
    • Multiple Inheritance,
    • Generic Functions,
    • Multi-methods
    • an efficient MOP (Meta Object Protocol)
  • a simple to use module system
  • a full tower of numbers implementation, as defined in R5RS,
  • easy connection to the GTK+ toolkit,
  • a Perl compatible regular expressions thanks to the PCRE package,
  • easily extensible with its ScmPkg mechanism,
  • it implements properly tail recursive calls.

Recent News

2011/12/31 (version "1.10" released)

This version brings the support of UTF-8 encoding and begins to support some (future) R7RS traits:
  • Added full support for UTF-8 strings and symbols
  • Added support for Win32 support under Cygwin
  • Added some support for R7RS traits:
    • bytesvectors
    • hexadecimal chars in strings and symbols
    • continuations lines in strings
    • New primitives
      • char-foldcase
      • string-foldcase
      • string-foldcase!
      • make-list
      • string-map
      • string-for-each
      • vector-for-each
      • vector-map
  • Added support for MacOs X Lion
  • Added back support for Win32 using Cygwin (this support has still rough edges. See the file PORTING-NOTES in the distribution directory for details)
  • Bug Fixes
2010/12/30 (version "1.01" released)

This is mainly a maintenance version.
  • Documentation update
  • Modifications to support ScmPkg on MacOs MacPorts
  • Fix incompatibilities in FFI introduced in 1.00
  • Better x86_64 support
  • Bug fixes
2010/08/11 (version "1.00" released)

The version 1.00 is finally here (work on STklos started 10 years before ...).
The main difference with this version and the pre-1.0 ones is that it does not integrate GTK+ 1.x support. In fact, GTK+ support is now available through several ScmPkg packages. Otherwise:
  • Complete rewriting of GMP-lite, the provided gmp compatible package for system which does not provide it
  • Remove the old extension intsallation mechanism (stklos-install). Use the ScmPkg mechanism for extending STklos now
  • functions, generic functions and methods cans now have documentation strings
  • Added GNU readline support in REPL if the readline lib can be loaded dynamically
  • Configuration files location can now be changed
  • Added an interactive help system
  • libffi uptated to version 3.0.9
  • New implemented SRFIs
    • SRFI-74 (Octet-Addressed Binary Blocks)
    • SRFI-96 (SLIB Prerequisites )
    • SRFI-98 (Interface to access environment variables)
    • SRFI-100 (define-lambda-object)
  • New primitives
    • port?
    • help
    • make-directories
    • ensure-directories-exist
  • Bug fixes
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