STklos is a free Scheme system compliant with the languages features defined in R7RS small. The aim of this implementation is to be fast as well as light. The implementation is based on an ad-hoc Virtual Machine. STklos can also be compiled as a library and embedded in an application.

The salient points of STklos are:

Latest News

Version “1.31” released 2019-07-

Bug fix version.

Changes in this version are:

Version “1.30” released 2019-07-04

The goal of this version consists to be more R7RS compliant. All the R5RS functions which have been extended in R7RS are now conform to R7RS (for instance assoc and member accept now an optional parameter which is a compare function, vector->list accepts the start and end parameters, …)

Changes in this version are:

Version “1.20” released 2018-06-04

Even if previous version was released more than seven years ago, STklos is not completely dead.

Now the developement tree of STklos is available on Gitlab and Github.

Changes in this version are:

Version “1.10” released 2011-12-31

This version brings the support of UTF-8 encoding and begins to support some (future) R7RS traits:

All the announces …