The term SRFI means Scheme Requests for Implementation. It is a new approach to helping Scheme users to write portable and yet useful code. It is a forum for people interested in coordinating libraries and other additions to the Scheme language between implementations.

The SRFI's FAQ relates how the SRFI process was born:

The SRFI process grew out of the Scheme Workshop held in Baltimore, MD, on September 26, 1998, where the attendees considered a number of proposals for standardized feature sets for inclusion in Scheme implementations. Many of the proposals received overwhelming support in a series of straw votes. Along with this there was concern that the next Revised Report would not be produced for several years and this would prevent the timely implementation of standardized approaches to several important problems and needs in the Scheme community.

More informations on SRFI can be found at SRFI home page or in its FAQ


The goal is simple: support as much as possible the SRFIs that are in "final" state. Any help on implementing SRFIs on STklos is welcome.

Available SRFIs

Here is the list of the SRFIs which are available in the current STklos release: