ScmPkg Purpose

STklos supports the ScmPkg source packaging system. This system allows to blend packages written for different Scheme dialects altogether in a STklos application.

How to Install a Package

To install a ScmPkg package, you need first to synchronize with ScmPkg servers. This can be done with:

$ stklos-pkg --sync

When this is done, the list of all the packages which can be installed is available with the command

$ stklos-pkg --list

To install the package P you only need to type

$ stklos-pkg --install P

This command will:

For more informations on the command stklos-pkg, enter:

$ stklos-pkg --help

The following table lists some of main packages which are portable amongst systems which support [ScmPkg], even if they use some dialect idiosyncrasies.

Name Description Dialect
awk The SCSH/PLT AWK macro. bigloo
ccnum Credit Card Number Utilities in Scheme r5rs
csv Comma-Separated Value (CSV) Utilities in Scheme r5rs
egg-crc Computes CRC checksum. chicken
egg-xosd An interface to the XOSD on-screen display library. chicken
htmlprag Pragmatic Parsing and Emitting of HTML using SXML and SHTML r5rs
http-utils Various HTTP utility functions bigloo
json JSON reader and writer gambit
mail-compose Multi-part Mail Composition Helper stklos
match Andrew Wright's Pattern Matching r5rs
modeline A Xorg modeline generator bigloo
numspell Spelling Numbers as English in Scheme r5rs
pstk A Portable Scheme Interface to Tk r5rs
quoted-printable quoted-printable encoding/decoding routines stklos
recette ScmPkg Testing facilities bigloo
record Simple Records for ScmPkg r5rs
rfc3339 RFC3339 Date and Time Format stklos
rfc822 parsing RFC2822 style message stklos
smtp SMTP protocol. Permit to send mail using SMTP relay stklos
soundex Soundex Index Keying in Scheme r5rs
ssl SSL layer for Scheme sockets r5rs
strnatcmp Natural Order String Comparison bigloo
tabexpand Tab Character Expansion stklos
url-utils Various utility functions dealing with URLs bigloo

STklos Specific Packages

ScmPkg was built to permit the integration of packages written in various Scheme dialects. However, packages which are really STklos specific (because they use traits which are only available in STklos) are distributed on this site only. Note that these packages are available as “standard” ScmPkg packages and that the stklos-pkg command can be used to deal with them.

For now, the STklos specific packages are

Name Description Version Doc.
stklos-fuse FUSE Support for STklos 0.90.5 html pdf
stklos-posix Support of POSIX functions for STklos 0.90.5 html pdf
stklos-ssax Oleg Kiselyov's XML parser 5.1.1 html
stklos-gtk-base GTK+ 2.x binding for STklos 1.0.0 html
stklos-gtk-canvas Gnome/GTK+ canvas binding for STklos 1.0.0 html
stklos-gtk-glade STklos interface to libglade 1.0.0 html
stklos-gtklos GTK+ 2.x binding for STklos -- GTklos level 1.0.0 html